Pinguicula Grow Guide

Pinguiculas, commonly known as butterworts, capture bugs by producing a sticky layer of  tiny tentacles on their roundish leaves. Butterworts are ground growing plants, and barely get higher than two inches in height. Even though most Butterworts are perennials, there are four of the eighty eight known species that are annuals. Butterworts can be easy to grow if you give them the right conditions for the species you are growing.


 Pinguicula Grow Guide


The best soil to use for your Butterwort is 1 part peat/ 1 part sand/ 1 part perlite. Washing the mix with water would also be important to wash out any toxic minerals.


Butterworts like to have a full tray of water most of the time, just like Sarracenia. Let it dry out once every two weeks to make sure that fungi don’t form on the leaves. RO or distilled water is also important, because every carnivorous plant is sensitive to mineral laden water. Water hardness less than 100 PPM is best.

 Temperate Butterworts

Temperate butterworts originate from areas that have a cold period of winter. In order to survive, they form a winter-resting bud during winter. If you have a temperate Butterwort, make sure to lower its temperatures and light for about two months during winter. Make sure the temperatures don’t drop below freezing! The best amount of humidity for Temperate Butterworts when not dormant is 55-65 % 24/7. The best light period for Temperate Butterworts would be 12-16 hours at best. The preferred temperature range for Temperates is 65-77 degrees 24/7 not while dormant A artificial light setup is recommended, but a terrarium setup is not required.

Tropical Butterworts

Tropical Butterworts are Butterworts that don’t experience a cold period in their climate. Most tropicals live in the humid mountains that reside in Central America near the equator. Tropical Butterworts prefer a humidity range of 68-88 % humidity 24/7. Keeping the soil moist will aid in the humidity needs. The temperature range for tropical Butterworts is 71-89 degrees 24/7. The light period for tropical Butterworts is the same as Temperates, 12-16 hours, year round. A artificial light setup along with a glass terrarium is required for tropical Butterworts

If you don’t know what type of group your Butterwort is in, look up your plants latin name on the web.


- Lance Plater, with help from DoomsDay at Carnivore Forums

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